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Bingus Dingleton is the main protagonist of the Bingus Lore. He was created on January 16th, 2021 by Cole Borden and Cameron Morley. He was thought of because Ashton and Cameron would make a spider type thing with their hands to make jokes about Cole's Arachnophobia, which is why Bingus Dingleton and the greater Bingus species (Scientific name: Bingelius Corneli) body shape.


This Bingus lives in the "continent" of North Trump Island (Human Name)/North Bingelia (Bingi Name). His home country is the United Bingle States, and lives in the city of Los Dingle.


  • Bingus Dingleton was a key Bingus in colonizing Shag Island.
  • He boosted the economy of the United Bingle States.
  • He is one of the richest Bingi in existence.
  • And of course, that original appearance in the first Bingus sheet.